Friday, May 1, 2009

Curtis Faville

reads a poem by Larry Eigner


Find Craig Arnold



A first day of photos

from Text Festival

Text Festival’s

cast of characters

(be sure to read

Tony Trehy’s comment)


Three videos of

Rae Armantrout



CA Conrad & Brenda Iijima:

poetics as dirt


A call to action

for letterpress printers

from the Mutanabbi Street Coalition


Jack Spicer

in New York & Philadelphia

(by radio from Mars)

“A New Poem”

by Jack Spicer

Kevin Killian:

Recent excavations

in the Jack Spicer papers



Creeley & minimalism


The Scottish playwright

Tom McGrath

has died


Writing sober


The idea of Eda

in Turkish poetics


Andrew Ervin on George Oppen


Tributes to JG Ballard

by everyone

from Jonathan Lethem

to Thom Yorke


Justice Department

looking into Google’s monopoly

on books


Bobby Byrd on Eileen Myles


Burton Watson

reading translations of

Lu You

(check out the archives!)


Ron Padgett-Tom Veitch's

Antlers in the Treetops

(11MB PDF)


It’s up to Duffy

if she wants to be

Britain’s laureate


Canada’s new laureate is

Pierre DesRuisseaux


A test of poetry

from Jonathan Williams


Hybrids & ideologues


Why Elaine Showalter is unreadable


About poetry in Brooklyn


Boston honors

Edgar Allan Poe

tho The Globe doesn’t know

even how to spell

his middle name


Clayton Eshleman & the Practice of

Clayton Eshleman: A Transmigralation


Santiago Villafania’s “In Many Tongues”

in many tongues


A new word is created

every 98 minutes

English now includes

1,000,000 words


The world’s oldest dust jacket


The embarrassment of Strunk & White


Memos from Kafka


Stephen Burt

on what the statistics

on reading poetry

really mean


LA Times obit for Deborah Digges


The NaPoMo Questionnaire goes on:

Pasha Malla

Brian Bartlett

Jesse Patrick Ferguson

Mitchell Parry

Katia Grubisic

Carmine Starnino


A Terrance Hayes feature


Love poem at the center

of the biker gang murder trial


American poets & their printers

at Trinity College


A. Van Jordan & Stacey Lynn Brown


Kazuo Ishiguro

on writing short stories


Whither The Wall Street Journal?


Newspaper circulation report

shows steep declines


Maureen Dowd in the Waste Land


Saving newspapers is like

saving the telegraph



coming to London’s ICA


Pollock in a lifeboat:

Iowa City’s museum after the flood


Anthony Braxton & Walter Thompson,

Roscoe Mitchell & Pauline Oliveros

& more